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Keeping Your Identity Small as a Means to Increase Options and Happiness

With work, I fear most feeling trapped. This is the feeling that I need income, someone else, a particular job to help me to support my living. I continue to get caught up in this fear from time to time. But, I keep a couple practices (or philosophies) that help me to lessen it’s impact and any validity of a needing to feel trapped. To lessen need in the fate of my work, career and livelihood, I...

On Journaling

I created the life I live today writing in journals from cafes around the world. Since the age of 17, I have kept a journal. I continue to write more and more and fill up the pages of my journals faster and faster. Recently, I was asked how exactly I journal, how I thought about it, and how I arrive at what I do through writing. I challenge myself to stretch my thinking through writing. In that...

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