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🌎 Changing How We Think About Sustainability

Cory has given talks at Google, niche business conferences in Thailand, and universities to help audiences think differently about how we work and live sustainably.

🧠 Inspiring Talks that Change How We Think & Inspire Action

See Cory in Action:

Cory is a skilled moderator and interviewer, as host of one of the leading podcasts on social entrepreneurship, his questions and analysis drive compelling conversations:

Interviews that Move Conversations Forward ➡️

💭 Analysis That Inspires 'Ah-Has'

📚 Storytelling that Leaves an Impact

Topics on Offer:

These topics are suitable for conference keynotes, guest lectures, workshops, and corporate events. If you have questions about how a talk can fit the needs/goals of your event, please contact me.

  1. How Business Can Save the Planet—Based on years of research and hundreds of interviews with business leaders committed to doing business better, Cory shares an inspiring and energizing vision for how business can do and be better for us all.
  2. How We Can Do the Impossible—An extension of the essay What's Possible, this talk is designed to inspire those who do impact-driven work or aspire to chip away at what seems on its face impossible.
  3. How to Change the World – Unexpected, highly accessible advice for positively impacting the world. It is a talk designed to inspire anyone with a drive to leave the world and their community better off to act.

*As a researcher and writer, Cory can also give compelling and substantive guest lectures on the topics of sustainable business, social entrepreneurship, and doing meaningful work.

Talks can be adapted to a variety of formats (keynotes, breakouts, panels, etc.).

Meet Cory:

Cory is a naturalist, writer, and storyteller. He is the Founder & CEO of Grow Ensemble, an indie media and education company exploring the art of living and working sustainably. He's the host of The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast, where, since 2019, he's interviewed hundreds of leaders at the forefront of making business better.

Cory is a member of the Native Plant Society of Texas and is certified in Permaculture Design by the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Cory grew up in Washington State and has traveled through multiple countries, including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

He lives with his wife, Annie, and their two sons in San Antonio, TX.

Find Cory on Social Media: YouTube & LinkedIn.