👋 Hi, I’m Cory Ames.

I'm a naturalist, writer, and podcaster based in San Antonio, TX.

In my work, I explore the 'art' of living and working sustainably.

I write and produce videos on sustainable business, Texas native plants, and philosophy.

I publish a newsletter, The Weekly Ensemble, which shares updates on my efforts to live + work sustainably.

I also publish a Texas-specific newsletter, The San Antonio Ensemble, exploring how we can create environmental, economic, and cultural resilience within the state my family and I call home.

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Mar 26

What Happened to TOMS Shoes: The Death of the Buy-One-Give-One Model

Business as a Force for Good or Just Feeling Good? TOMS shoes was among the earliest pioneers of the better
8 min read
Feb 02

9 Examples of Greenwashing

What is Greenwashing? Greenwashing is the act of a company misleading or misrepresenting themselves to the public as to the
15 min read
Nov 29

Is Ben & Jerry's a Trojan Horse of Corporate Social Responsibility in Business?

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has been a Certified B Corporation since 2012. Their Founders wrote a book on
4 min read
Nov 02

What is Conscious Consumerism & 7 Ways to be a More Conscious Consumer

There are two seemingly contradicting realities of “conscious consumerism”: 1. No matter how “consciously” we buy, we aren’t going
20 min read
Aug 24

9 Companies with Social Impact Built into Their Business Model

Charity, or corporate social responsibility, isn’t the same as the example companies I’ll share here. Yes, giving back
12 min read
Aug 17

What Real Transparency in Business Looks Like

It was April 23rd, 2013, when garment workers evacuated the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when cracks appeared in
12 min read
Aug 10

29 Fast Fashion Brands to Avoid in 2023

At this point, it’s well established that the fast fashion business is in direct competition with the goal of
11 min read
Aug 03

The 10 Most Socially Responsible Companies (2023)

Frankly, our understanding of business’s  “social responsibility” is wrong.  We need to set our standards higher.  Should companies consider
18 min read
Jul 27

The 9 Sustainable Business Practices That Will Make Business Better

Building a sustainable business is about creating a system and culture that supports it.  Author James Clear explains this well
15 min read
Jul 20

The History & Rise of Fast Fashion: From the 18th Century to Today

Fast fashion changed fashion.  The fast fashion business model of making cheap, trendy clothing fast has changed the way many
13 min read
Jun 29

The Real Reason Sustainability is Important for Business

“We focus on sustainability not because we’re environmentalists, but because we are capitalists…” — Larry Fink, Blackrock CEO & Chairman
9 min read
Jun 22

A New Definition: What is Sustainability in Business?

Harvard Business School is wrong.  HBS, in their online publication Business Insights, writes sustainability in business “refers to doing business
18 min read