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Is College Worth It? The Value of Higher Education


Making the decision to not pursue a college education purely on cost is short-sighted. While I’ll discuss the variable of cost (as it is just one of a few), this is not an essay that will give you a clean estimated return on your investment in education. There are plenty of those already. To reduce a decision like this to cost is dangerous for yourself (or your child) as well as our society. If I...

The 7 Day Keto Grocery List & Meal Plan! A Keto Quick-Start Guide

Want to start eating better now, but don’t know what you are doing at the grocery store? Yup, that’s happened to all of us. That’s why before doing any further writing around the ketogenic diet I first wanted to publish the “7 Day Keto Grocery List.”
You can learn about the diet as you get started and start eating better food today.

Don’t Buy Supported Running Shoes! Review & Notes of Born to Run


Have you been chronically injured from running? Have you purchased cushiony, highly supported running shoes and received zero relief?

If so, I have some good news, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In his book, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen,  Christopher McDougall asserts well…that we were…born to run.

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin (Review, Summary & Takeaways)

I had to read The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin multiple times through to catch every single perspective shifting piece of wisdom. To date, this is the best book I’ve read on the learning process.  In the book, Josh asserts that the disciplined, highly intentional learning process is what breeds mastery. Not only that, but learning is to never stop. It’s not just in your craft or in your...

How to Learn Photography: Finally Put Your Camera to Use


I thought photography an interesting skill to learn. I wanted to take on a project that pushed me to be more creative and make connections I usually wouldn’t. I also wanted something to write about. Sadly, Googling, “how to learn photography” I couldn’t trust what results came up. I knew there wasn’t a resource like this that existed. That’s why I decided I should make it. So I have...

Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano Review

  You will question what you think you know about what’s best for the American people after reading this book… Player Piano, by Kurt Vonnegut, is a novel about a completely automated American society. Vonnegut creates this world through two separate plot lines. The primary being the experience of one of the society’s golden boys: Dr. Paul Proteus, a factory manager. The other...

Trump Won

I’m sitting here the day after the election and feel overcome with emotion. I feel fear. I feel shame. I feel an embarrassment for the reputation and repercussions for our country internationally. I imagine the feeling I would have had this morning if the other candidate was to have won. Would I feel this way? Would I feel this sense of discomfort? Would the 50+ million Americans who voted for...

Micromanagers Kill Business Growth

Since the age of  20, I’ve been managing a team of people. In both my success and failures, I want to share more of what I’m learning. I’m starting from zero experience, and I’m on a journey to be a more instructive leader and manager of people. As I endure this journey, I want to help others learn things too. Managing people is hard. Even more so if you’re much younger and inexperienced...

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