What I’m Up to Now

This is a site where I share my thinking, writing, and creative pursuits and projects in hopes to inspire conversations, new connections and experiences.

You’ve arrived on my “Now” page. Here, you’ll get the latest on what I’m working on, where I’m living and what’s on my horizon.

I like to keep this page updated every 1-2 months, or when things seem to change.

This is also a great place to get started with my site, if you are new.  I’ll keep a static list of “Popular Posts” at the bottom, but will start first with what I’m doing now, so you can get caught up.

What I’m Doing Now

I live in San Antonio, TX with my girlfriend, Annie, and our dog, Milou. Annie is starting her second year of law school and she’s settling in just fine. She’s brilliant.

I’m working on a few different things.

  1. I am starting to write more, here at CoryAmes.com. I have plans to write a book, reflecting on my experiences of leaving college early to pursue work in a digital marketing agency where I ended up becoming the CEO in 18 months time.
  2. Annie and I are launching a project in the social enterprise space called “Ensemble.” The purpose of the project is to help educate and inform consumers on making more socially conscious buying decisions by highlighting, promoting and researching companies, organizations, and products that “mind their impact.” Look out for this.
  3. I do SEO consulting in the San Antonio area and my consultancy is Open Book SEO. I run workshops, I’ve put together an SEO course and in select scenarios, I’ll do more hands-on work with individuals and teams.

There are a mixture of other things I’m doing and thinking about doing.

  • For the month of September, on behalf of my company, Open Book SEO, I’ll be hosting a book drive to help San Antonio kids get more books!
  • I’m using September to start learning golf.
  • As well, just finishing up 30 days (with Annie) of drinking no alcohol, and next is to wean off caffeine. I think that will be much harder.
  • I’m considering returning to college. Not out of necessity, but I figure that it would be something really interesting. I love to learn and be a student.

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