Do you think about your eating habits? Did you know that the way you eat can affect not just the length of your life but the quality of it? Eating right can make you smarter, a better athlete, and happier.

But what’s eating right? Well, I’ll tell ya. Or…uhh…Mark will. 

In his book, The Keto Reset Diet, Mark Sisson asserts a ketogenic diet, or adapting our bodies to burn fat as fuel vs. carbohydrates, is the most effective and beneficial way of eating.

Have you heard of keto? Some call it the latest “fad” diet, but many of the heavyweights in the nutritional world believe it to be the ‘end all be all’ lifestyle and method of eating. 

The spoken and studied benefits of a ketogenic diet are a bit hard to believe…

See Mark’s book on Amazon for more reviews/purchase. 

A Ketogenic Lifestyle, Where to Begin?

Mark’s book is a fantastic way to dive into ketosis. If you’ve previously understood nothing about it, but heard faintly of it’s benefits this book may be the one for you.

It’s reasonably short, under 200 pages (excluding appendices and recipes), and touches on many concepts I’ve been interested in relative to the ketogenic diet: carbo-loading post workout, fasting, endurance training, and recipe ideas!

The ketogenic diet has been one intimidating to get into. Luckily, Mark breaks it down in a very reasonable, easy to understand way and gives you a 21-day plan for getting into it.

I have a mountain of notes for this book, so I wanted to consolidate them and dish on one topic. I’ll be writing more about this.

The 11 Benefits of Ketosis (And Counting…)

The list is long and plentiful, and many of these initially surprised me. Each will be listed as a “header” with some accompanying quotes or paraphrases from the book.

Keto Gets Rid of Hunger

  • Going keto will virtually eliminate hunger.” (27)

Keto Decreases Inflammation

  • “…ketones deliver an anti-inflammatory effect more potent than prescription drugs.” (47)

Keto Increases Enzymes that Protect Against Inflammation

  • “Ketone burning upregulates the production of internal antioxidant enzymes like catalase, glutathione, and superoxide dismutase (SOD).” (48)

Keto Increases Cell Repair & Detox

  • “…[ketosis] optimizes autophagy, the natural cellular detoxification process whereby cellular material is recycled, repaired, or destroyed (autophagy means “self-eating”). (17)

Keto Increases Brain Function

  • “Ketones readily cross the blood brain barrier and become a highly efficient energy source for the brain. Ketones promote elevated neurotransmitter and enzyme function such that your capacity to fire brain neurons increases, and you preserve that capacity better through increased oxygen delivery, reduced inflammation, and fewer reactive oxygen species generated.” (49)

Keto Decreases Cognitive Decline

  • “Beta-hydroxybutyrate has been found to deliver an assortment of neurological-protective benefits: it modulates a cell membrane receptor call hca2 that regulates inflammation; it helps preserve the GABA-to-glutamine ratio, which preserves brain homeostasis; and it prevents the activation of the mitochondrial “death switch” that results in the death of brain cells.”

Keto Decreases Chances of Seizures

  • “Beta-hydroxybutyrate also has an anti-seizure effect because it raises the threshold at which mitochondria become deranged by a lack of oxygen, which is the trigger for a seizure.” (49)

Ketones Can Alleviate Headaches

  • Take supplemental ketones instead of Advil, due to the enhanced oxygen delivery. (50)

Ketosis Prevents Cancer

  • “Cancer cells thrive and proliferate by consuming glucose at a greater rate than regular cells.” (50)
    • “…most cancer cells are unable to use ketones for fuel. This is because mitochondria are required for ketones to burn (that’s why they burn so cleanly—ample oxygen is used), and most cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria.” (51)
    • “Ketones inhibit glycosides (glucose burning) in cancer cells, essentially starving them…”(51)
    • “Ketones help minimize free radical production in the body” (51)
    • “Ketones boost antioxidant production in healthy cells surrounding cancerous tumors…” (51)
    • “…to help mitigate the effects of traditional radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments.” (51)

Ketosis Can Reduce Anxiety


  • “ketogenic eating has been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms by 30 percent.” (54)Running Off of Ketones Can Help You Lift More
  • “Ketone burning allows you to fire brain neurons at greater capacity and activate more motor units to get your desired work accomplished. Strength athletes know that motor recruitment is the essence of getting stronger—your brain calling more muscle fibers into play and messaging the nervous system to elicit maximum performance from each individual fiber.” (63)

Close: To Eat Keto? Or Not to Eat Keto?

These aren’t the only benefits of ketogenic eating. Trust me! Overall Mark Sisson’s book is a gem, and I’d highly recommend it.

Eat healthy now, to save money on health care, enjoy your life longer (with a sharper mind and body), and eat more bacon and butter.

What could be better?