Hey, welcome to my page of growing book reviews and notes. I’m always reading and I figure I would share some of my recommendations and takeaways in one place.

I have collections of book notes stored away that I need to organize and get uploaded here. Also, I read a book every 1-2 weeks. I’m hoping to upload 1 set of notes every week or so.

Some of the individual posts are actual reviews, some are just notes and takeaways. Either way, I think they can be helpful for deciding what your read should be.

I love good recommendations myself, so please contact me with any good ones (see the bottom of the page).


Josh Waitzkin: The Art of Learning (10/10)

art of learning review coryames

Maybe the best book on learning I have picked up. Josh explains his deeply intentional learning process through his chess and martial arts career. This is a book you read multiple times, and take good notes on. I’ve listened to the audiobook and read through the book a few times. If you are at all interested in the learning process, or increasing your own ability to learn, read this book.

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Kurt Vonnegut: Player Piano (9/10)


This book asks the question, “what’s the cost of progress?” And, given the reality that Vonnegut describes, you’ll find the answer is a bit shaking. I love the time at which I picked up this book. Given the trajectory of society, automation and thoughts on manual, manufacturing style labor this book is incredibly important for people to read. I first picked it up as a recommendation from my girlfriend in 2017.

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